Song Name: Winterglow

Songwriter: Jeff Burton

Copyright: 2014

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You take Jamaica, I'll take New York
Snug by the fireside we'll talk
Later in Central Park we'll walk
Out in the winterglow

You take the sun, I'll take the snow
Give me a few degrees below
Keep where your balmy breezes blow
I'll take the winterglow

You take the Spring, I'll take the Fall
You want Hawaii, I'll take Nepal

You take November, I'll take July
And if you want to ask me why
You can be sure that I'll reply
I love the winterglow

Give me a snowline and chill in the air
Make me hot cocoa and I will be there

You take the surf, I'll take a sleigh
And when you're somewhere far away
I will remember you this way
Bathed in the winterglow