Song Name: Hey There Man

Songwriter: Michael Painchaud

Copyright: 2014

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Hey there man, You’re sitting alone,
Can you tell me something you know,
Cause I don’t know, much all by my own, (Anymore)

I see you are old, And I see you are grey,
And how you survived, just to turn out this way,
It’s a hard road to travel and hard not to stray,

I don’t know where I’m going
But I know I’m gonna leave
I’m keeping this heart of mine open
Someday I’m sure we’ll be free

Tell me a story, Or sing me a song,
Paint me a picture before you are gone,
Need something to look at, When I’m all alone,

Where have you come from, Where have you gone,
Who have you seen and who have you known,
How many lives have you watched sown and grown,

Have you caused sadness, Have you caused pain,
Did you give all your love, did you keep and refrain,
To the one’s who have gone, and the one’s who remain, (In your mind)

Just give me one thought, One piece of advice,
To keep me along when I roll the next dice,
So I know when I’m winning, Or when I’m paying the price,