Song Name: Shadows

Songwriter: Nikita Emtsov

Copyright: 2011

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Sometimes I think it's never gonna rain again,
But I could swear I heard the sound of storm...
Walk out the door, I gaze upon my would-be land,
Lean on the wall, it keeps me warm,
They'll steal your life and keep you warm.

Sometimes I hear the shadows
They sing and dance around
Sometimes I see the shadows
They watch me from the ground

Turn off the phone, make sure you locked the door,
Burn all your books, you won't be reading them no more,
Bring down the lights, you will be joining us
In the ever growing kingdom of the dreams you've euthanized...

I'm alive,
I have a name,
Look at my
Glowing flame

Bounce off the walls,
Scream in pain,
I'm alive,
Say my name

Now you can be the shadow
Forever be the shadow
You can be the shadow
I can be the master