Song Name: Lies In The Dark

Songwriter: Sondra Toscano

Copyright: 2014

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You told me that you loved me; you told me that we'd never be apart
You said you couldn't live without me, but those were just lies in the dark.
You said I was your tomorrow; you said I would be your wife
You told me you were lost in love, and that I was your whole life.

Lying in the darkness, snuggled in your arms
I felt safe, but I was never safe from your charms
All those whispered promises were only pillow talk
I breathed them in like country air on an early evening walk.

Lies in the dark back then
Lies in the dark I believed them every time
Lies in the dark 'till when
Will I be holdin' onto every one of your lies in the dark?

So I'm left with nothing, but a burning love inside
I can't get my mind to make my heart toss the feelings aside
Your empty words, beguiling; I let them carry me away
With no actions to back them, they led me to a place I couldn't stay.

I didn't wanna see that you were using me that way.

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, I'm finding it so hard to pull myself away.

Lies in the dark again
Lies in the dark, they repeat within my mind
Lies in the dark pretend
To be the truth but they're really only just lies in the dark.
To be the truth but they're really only lies in the dark.