Song Name: Autumn Winds

Songwriter: Michael Painchaud

Copyright: 2014

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Autumn winds have blown today
Across an ocean far and blue,
And like the leaves I have to say,
I’m leaving you

Through the windows of our old home,
Between the curtains that were red,
I remember like an old poem,
Where I would tread

And I don’t want to leave here,
It seems like its only begun,
But there’s no sense holding fear,
I have to run,

I’ll wake you, before I leave,
I won’t forget to say goodbye,
Oh the warm winds do deceive,
But I can’t lie,

Promise me you’ll be okay
In the absence of mine,
I wish had power to say,
That I’ll be fine,

Some day you will surely see me,
In many years, and lots of time,
Then you will be completely,