Song Name: In the Rain

Songwriter: Michael Painchaud

Copyright: 2014

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I can’t sleep tonight, it’s only an hour or two from the dawn’s early light,
I can hear the stormy night, raging like a fight,
And I can’t stop thinking bout, how everyone has managed to run out,
And I can’t ignore, all my troubles anymore, and I can’t close the door,

I will walk in the rain, wash away the memories that have stained,
My heart and soul, I am taking back control of what remains, way from all the pain (walking in the rain)

Oh you know I’ve tried my best,
I’ve held underneath the test,

So I will carry on and that’s what I will be, just a wanderer I have what I will need,
Oh I know I’ll be okay, because I’m always gonna be, the one who managed to break free,

I am walking alone, the cold wind chilling me down to the bone,
But I know its all alright, because the sun is coming up and I can see the light