Song Name: Shine Song

Songwriter: Paja Rocky

Copyright: 2012

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Music by Paja Rocky
Lyrics By David Rolleston

Verse 1
Like a star; wanna shine on a moonlit night
But there's nowhere, and I cry
Is a day; is the daylight the night's desire
Are they old friends, out of line?

Night or Day, I 'm on the lonely outside
It's my day, I wanna go with my friends
Where it shines. Let it shine

Verse 2
Like the rain, in the bright horizons shade
Getting nowhere, still I try
Is a stage; is this stage what my life requires
You know me well, I gotta shine.


Shine with, the starlight, the moonlight, the firelight of
Life's light, the true light, I'll shine through the galaxy of
Lights true meaning. Life's' live screening.


Let it shine. Let it shine
Life's true meaning