Song Name: I`m Not Letting Go of You

Songwriter: Holly Anton (USA)/Slava Zenin (UK)

Copyright: 2014

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Title -"I`m Not Letting Go of You"
Written by Holly Anton/Slava Zenin, 2014.

V1: I`m asleep when you come home
Oh baby, we`re working our souls to the bone
Paying our debt for a life we haven`t lived yet
How did we get it so wrong?

We`ve hardly touched for days
Both of us chasing that run-away train
Making money`stead of making love
It`s a losing game

Pre-chorus: We don`t want to spend all of our love this way

I can let go - of having more than we can hold
I can let go - of chasing after fool`s gold
I can let go - of the empty dreams we`ve both been sold
But no, no - I`m not letting go of you

V3: Remember making out in Central Park
Long dinners, slow dancing in the dark?
Why are we working so hard for the easy life
We had from the start?

Pre-chorus: None of it`s worth a damn...if it`s breaks us apart

Bridge: You try to give me everything
And I try to be
A real woman who
Never needs anything from you
We are paying far too high a price
When all I need is a simple life
And to have you
Here by my side.

Chorus x 2