Song Name: The Loving Kind

Songwriter: Maggie Vogts

Copyright: 2013

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Blue-eyed boy,
I don’t know what you see in me.
Between the awkward starts and the bitter remarks,
I’m not the girl I used to be.

Blue-eyed one,
I know I ought to leave you behind.
‘Cause if I stay, this front will fade,
And you’ll see I’m the loving kind.

(chorus) If I leave right now,
I’ll only lose the dream of loving you.
But if I stay, you’ll see what’s true.
Get to know me, you won’t like me.
So please don’t make me love you.

Old mistakes
leave their marks.
But I don’t want you and me to be
Just another scar.

Oh, blue-eyed boy
I know I ought to leave you behind.
I know I’ll fall, I’ll give my all,
Then see you’re not the loving kind.

(instrumental break)