Song Name: Peaceful Deeds

Songwriter: Janis Carper

Copyright: 2013

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They’re bombing the streets of Boston
In Syria, more of the same
It’s so easy to get lost in
The fear, vengeance and blame

A murder suicide in Brooklyn
Dozens killed by explosions in Iraq
No matter how far away we look, man
There’s nothing gonna bring these people back

But on this same day, somewhere
On this very same day
A flower blooms
A mother smiles
A father comforts a crying child
Ordinary people
Doing what we need
For every act of violence
A hundred peaceful deeds

A hundred and sixty dead in Damascus
And that was only today
How I wish we could all get past this
Need to kill whatever stands in our way

[Chorus 2x ..A thousand peaceful deeds, ...A million peaceful deeds]