Song Name: Ocean Is Calling

Songwriter: Brandon Scott McLean, Shane David Smith

Copyright: 2015

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LYR: Ocean Is Calling

Lets pretend it's Friday afternoon
Roll the windows down and we can cruise
need some sunshine and some crashing waves
Grab your bikini and your favorite shades
We're gonna drive until the map turns blue
Gonna sit there for a day or two
I want to splash into the salty sea
Come on baby just you and me

The ocean is calling and baby we're going

A little private beach that no one knows
A lime is chillin in my Modelo
We're kicking back and singing nice and slow
Your favorite song is on the radio (our summer song)

Ahh sun on the beach
I ain't never gonna leave
Whether its California or Carolina, if you ask me there's nothing finer
Ahhh sun on the beach

80 miles an hour heading towards the coast
To a secret little beach that just a few folks know
Dont worry babe I got some SPF
And I'll Rub it in until there's nothing left
I Wanna dip my toes into the sand
Soak in the moon while you hold my hand
I don't know but I've been told
There's something bout the ocean that's good for your soul