Song Name: Outlaw

Songwriter: Andrew Neil Maternick

Copyright: 2014

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Outlaw© Andrew Neil. October 2014.

Orange and white jump suite
Day dream about you
I run they shoot
Under a blue moon
Hound dogs sing
I run and crawl
Let freedom ring
For this outlaw

Why be a prisoner of the past?
My heart asks
I hear a minister full of wrath
I had to laugh
Chuckle Chuckle
What's the point of it all?
Destiny's a bloody knuckle
That flips a coin
and watches it fall

Watching it fall I'm an outlaw
Watching hawks draw everything I ever saw
When I was young when I was old
A smoking gun Cops earned their gold

Outlaw on my tombstone
Outlaw never truly known
Outlaw on my tombstone
Ma and pa left a desert front of the grave
A goodbye wave...wave
A desert rose
For the path I chose
Outlaw on my tombstone
Outlaw never truly known
Never truly known (repeat)