Song Name: Box of Buttons

Songwriter: Robert Otting & Joel Smyers

Copyright: 2014

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Box Of Buttons

When I was a kid I asked Grandma "What's the key to happiness?"
She said 'Hold onto the moments that remind you your life is blessed"
A smile crossed her face as I tried to understand
she pulled a worn box from her purse and placed it in my hands

Chorus (she said)
Look inside and you will find a lifetime of memories
It's a precious treasure chest filled with special stories
Worth more than gems & jewels they're my prize possessions
Happiness is tucked away in this box of buttons

She picked out a heart shaped one from a dress her mom had sewn
Then she told how a pretty white pearl, waltzed on her wedding gown
But her hand trembled with the tiny pink one in her palm (she said)
"You wore this the day you were born, when I held you in my arms"


Now I'm back here with tears falling before she's laid to rest
And just like she taught me I'm clipping one from her dress

Happiness is tucked away in my box of buttons

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