Song Name: Living The Lonely Weekend (Duet)

Songwriter: Daniel J Cornelius Jr

Copyright: 2011

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Here my weekend comes again
That wasted time and pain

Just sitting here bidding my time
What I'm hoping for can't be mine

I want you with me this you know
Don't let me go this weekend alone

Here I go again
Spending the weekend without you


Why am I living the lonely weekend?
Memories are keeping me close to you

Here am I wonderin' and wishin'

Why does time pass so slowly
When I want to be by your side?

Looks like I'll try to survive
Living the lonely weekend


I know you're sitting there thinking of me
Building a dream for two

Don't know what you expect from me.
To ring the phone and check on you?

Don't let your hopes fade
Maybe my dreams will help

Together we will be one day
For now I'll sleep my weekend away


Me and my four walls with nothing to do
Looks like I'm gonna have another weekend without you