Song Name: Jesus In the Glovebox #3

Songwriter: GK Menage

Copyright: 2015

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My tires, beat the road, like the thumpin' in my chest,
And looking down at me is a plastic statuette.
While I drive away from my past, like the wind
He's telling me I'm committing a sin,

Ch: If I put JESUS IN THE GLOVEBOX, he'll be out of sight
With JESUS IN THE GLOVEBOX, he'll still make me do right
No matter where I hide him, my guilt rips me apart,
With Jesus in the glovebox, he'll still be in my heart

V2: Someone that I've left, is expecting me home soon
They don't have a clue, and I know what I should do
And this Savior on the dash board, he just looks at me
As if his painted eyes could see


Br: If the Judge is just a statue, then why am I turning around?
If I don't believe he has the power, what's making me go home now?