Song Name: Love Me Like You Wanted To

Songwriter: Randy Bishop

Copyright: 2014

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Love Me Like You Wanted To
By Randy Bishop (ASCAP)
©2014, Rokit Music

I sailed around just like a breeze
No one ever got to me
Then you came along and suddenly

Chorus 1:
You'd hug me, and love me
Need me, then you'd leave me
You never seemed to know what you should do
But if it was my love
That you were unsure of
Don't worry, just love me like you wanted to

I guess I've finally figured out
I gave you way too many doubts
But if you'll follow your heart right now

Chorus 2:
I won't refuse it, misuse it
Babe, I won't abuse it
I'm sorry I confused it from the start
So when I find you
Please do a fast rewind to
Love me, love me like you wanted to

This time will be different
You'll know that I want you too
'Cause this is what I'll do...

Chorus 3:
I'll kiss you, and squeeze you
Need you, never leave you
I'll make you so sure, it's true
That I love you like you love me
I swear by God above me
I love you
So love me like you wanted to