Song Name: jus' love you

Songwriter: marc tilson/michael de haven

Copyright: 2015

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Jus' Love You (8 bar intro.guitar melody

Could be the way you stroll, or how we rock and roll
hmm that natch'rl soul, I can`t deny ...
Could be the way that you, way you`ve got nothin' to prove Could be that secret groove that really moves me...
and If I dared to say it, Jus' one more time, one more time I Jus' love... jus love you, jus love you, jus' love you yeah that`s all I know
>guitar melody inst. only

May be it`s jus' your way, uh huh that way you play
may be the things you say, ya say to me
an Oh how my heart aches,maybe I`ve sealed my fate
this feelin' I can`t escape that really scares me...
and If I dared to say it, jus' one more time,one more time, I jus' love... jus' love you, Jus' love you, just love you yeah, that`s all I know
>Finale ~guitar melody sing just love you(2x A/D
guitar melody~ sing jus love you(2x (C/D sus
Alternate variations vamp out