Song Name: Won't Apologize

Songwriter: Roy Flores

Copyright: 2014

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"Won't Apologize" (by Roy Flores)

Verse I:
Everyone's throwing punches left and right
I'm all beat up, bruised up inside
Surrounded by shadows, echoes of pain
There's nowhere to hide

Confined in this darkness you're all I see
The beauty you showed me shines on me
Darkness strikes, Im down on the ground
But I will rise

I won't apologize
For the love that I feel inside
I won't cower, I won't fret
I won't cry

I won't apologize
For the love that I feel inside
Won't compromise, I will fight
For you and I

Verse II:
Trying to fly with broken wings
Praying to gods for a gust of wind
Haunted by demons, dwelling within
We're chained to our fears

A love like this isn't easy
When the rest of the world looks in without mercy
In this deafening silence the beating of our hearts
Will live through

(Repeat Chorus)

Our defenses are down
But we won't back down
Just take my hand
Hold on tight

(Repeat Chorus)