Song Name: Burning Boat

Songwriter: Rebecca Madden

Copyright: 2015

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He said "Stick me in a burning boat and send me out to sea,
Weigh my body down with stones then don't you wait for me;
Some things we do alone, sinking patiently.

Oh, not a lot of life looks pretty written down
We leave our words behind."
He told me "Little girls don't look pretty when they frown,
but I've loved this world of mine.
Now they sing…"


He said "Place coppers on my eyes and wrap me in my sheets,
Leave nothing by my side I doubt there's much I'll need.
You know, every life's too short, love, that's why it tastes so sweet,

But throw your words away please when you lay me down,
They won't reach, my dear."
He said, "you're just a little girl love, you shouldn't have to frown,
But if you listen, you might hear
Them singing..."


He said "Stick me in a burning boat, that's just fine for me."