Song Name: Step on the Gas

Songwriter: Alexia Hodgson Cross

Copyright: 2013

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Well it's you behind the wheel,
Cos you've got the feel.
Me at your side
Going for a ride
No questions asked
Just take it as it comes,
You're all fingers and I'm all thumbs.

Step on the gas (x4)

I'm feeling kind of low
Cos you always know
Doing things your way
Always a mistake
I'm talking to the wall
You don't hear what I say
You always win the game and I don't want to play.

Step on the gas (x4)

I once looked up to you and followed what you do
Now I see the light and I'm heading for a fight
You don't like it when the tables start to turn.

So now I'm moving out
Don't want to hear you shout
Traffic lights say go
You're still moving slow
No questions asked just take it as it comes….

Step on the gas (till fade)