Song Name: Austin

Songwriter: Jenny Baird

Copyright: 2012

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Jenny Baird copyright 2012

Verse 1:
You're going to Austin today
You kiss me then drive away
And I whisper the words I didn't say
I'd say it out loud if I could
But the timing's all wrong and I don't think I should
So i'll wait another day

Verse 2:
Oh I love what's on your mind
I wanna hear it all the time
When it laughs and when it makes me cry
So I listen along for my cue
But I'm afraid of the part where I tell you the truth
So I'm kickin' and screamin' inside

Verse 3:
And I hope that you listen tonight
As I say the words that hide behind my eyes
And the girl inside my heart comes alive
I don't know if I'm wrong
But I can't wait any longer
I'll just tell you the words one at a time
I'll just tell you the words one at a time

Verse 4:
So if you go to Austin today
I'm gonna kiss you in my driveway
And then I'll whisper the words I wanna say