Song Name: Misty Mountain

Songwriter: Kashka Ironside/LauraTremblay

Copyright: 2015

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You take the lead and I will follow
Along the pinned and needled trail
Into the misty mountains brother
To feel the cold and clouded veil
The evergreens speak of harsh winter
Between the peak and valley below
With their bare and tangled branches
Stories of wind and heavy snow

This time among the hills and ridges wide
We grow closer as we climb
With every breath and every climb
I feel you with me
I feel you with me

With warming sun a hint of spring
As bleeding hearts peek through the frost
Streams stumbling over stones and pebbles
Uncovering life, oh life not lost

To share this sight with one held dearly
Oh I can't bare to leave
My bones have settled on this journey
And like the quiet of the peek
I feel at peace
I feel at peace