Song Name: Found in You

Songwriter: Kathy Meyers

Copyright: 2014

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Title: Found in You Composer: Kathy Myers
Tears have been shed; the mother's eyes are strained and red
Many times I do not see needs right in front of me.
Lord, make me aware; I'll keep her in prayer
Verse 1
The lone so lost; the night dark and cold.
Dried tears trace a path to stories untold.
The hungry cry out; they beg to be fed.
They look to the world; find garbage instead

God leads; we follow. Pure hearts love flows
Show the world what's right and true
The answer is found in you

Through my young daughter's eyes
She saw a homeless man shuffling along
Nearby a young child dressed in velvet.
She asked, "Mommy, why do some have so much and some so little?"

Verse 2
The one now your child finds all fear is gone
Once lost in the dark finds hope with the dawn.
The empty are filled; the wrong is made right.l
The deaf hear his word; the blind see His light.

We look to those we know; still quiet tears flow.
No answers are found for the needs all around.
But like a gentle stream the one who made us
Knows best how to heal the hurts we feel.