Song Name: Long Black Road

Songwriter: Julie Jeavons

Copyright: 2015

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Long black Road

Words and Music by Julie Jeavons

Long black road in the darkest night will you let me go?
My hope is shattered in the dim light
My batteries won’t last for long
Give me a chance, a chance to see, where it is that I went wrong?
Dazzled by the car’s bright headlight beams where I am headed I don’t know

Long black road will you spare me now?
Will you take me home?
I need a break now I am feeling down
I won’t go on for long
Will you turn, turn to see, what it is I lost before
A backpack full of hopes and dreams
Where it’s lying I don’t know

Long black road will you help me out
Will you hear my prayer?
This chasing around has really got me down and I can barely stand?
I am begging, begging please, give me the strength to go on
How it is that we ended up here I swear that I don’t know