Song Name: Everyone Falls in Love

Songwriter: Gilby Landin

Copyright: BMI 2015

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Words and Music by
Gilby Landin

At time's I've been lonely, feeling he's the only
One who understands
Now the room is so empty, he left without warning With a suitcase in his hand

I stare at his picture, it was taken on a summers day
It's hard to get over, the day that he walked, he walked away

The bigger the heart, the harder you fall
Everyone falls in love
You open your heart, and give it your all
Everyone falls in love, In love

I hear what your saying, it's me that he's playing
Got me sittin on a fence
So lost in confusion, if it's just an illusion
I'm just trying to make some sense

All my emotions, are walking down that lonely street
When he's there beside me, I feel, oh how I feel so complete

Bridge: Baby this ain't the first, we just keep tumbling down
It's just so hard when it hurts, we just keep looking around
For all the reasons for who's to blame
People always change (chorus)-(Tags) It never stays the same
People always change....
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