Song Name: White Crystals

Songwriter: Tanya Godo

Copyright: 2016

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Verse 1
It's Friday night and it's kinda late
All the week's problems disappear away
We're sitting in the living room watching TV
But no-one's listening
Clock strikes and we see it's 12AM
We all know what is coming next
Bag of crystals pass it all around
Roll the paper up put into our mouths

White crystals flooding through my veins
I'm miserable but I'll do it all again

Verse 2
Feeling good we're soaring to the clouds
All kinds of crap coming from our mouths
No-one can tell us what to do
The clock hand moves
We're all laughing but we're broke inside
Crashing when we feel that we can fly
Morning comes all the happiness is gone
So we wait for the next night to come along