Song Name: See you in hell

Songwriter: Brad Allan

Copyright: 2015

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Broken down and I'm backed in a corner
You didn't come with a written warning
Just grab my hat and I'll be on my way

As things become a little bit clearer
I realize you're my one addiction
That's exactly why I'll be back some day

PreChorus 1:

Well it's something I can't shut off something I can't get enough of
And there's really nobody to talk to
I want to get some more so can I score another little hit or two


I can't wait to see you hell you think I won't, baby I will
There ain't no place I'd rather be
One shot of you and I'm shaking, can't control my nerves and I'm breaking down
I can't afford complacency


You know we all pay for what we've done
Sometimes with tears, pain and blood
So ready yourself I will collect one day

PreChorus 2:

So I'm feeling isolated and I know it's complicated trapped in my own little fantasies Paralyzed and blind inside my mind, free of my sanity



PreChorus 1

Chorus until end.