Song Name: Cried Til I Couldn't

Songwriter: Joshua Stephenson

Copyright: 2014

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Cried til I Couldn't

I had a meeting with myself and I told myself now, everyone in this world needs someone

Then your name came up girl and I asked myself now, who's that by that name I know no one

(Cuz) I took a vote just last night and right now I'm just waiting on the outcome

(Hold up) Red Alert on my phone, it says that as of right now, you and I are done (because I )

Chorus x2
Cried til I couldn't cry no more but after the night comes morning, I don't want to.... see you, I don't want to.... talk to you

It's going to take some time yes, but I know that, healing will begin in my life

I know I can make it through this since I just made it through hell aka last night
(When I)

Chorus x2


There are no tears left in my eyes

Because I, shed all that I could last night

Either you laugh or uh you cry

But I choose to spread my wings and fly