Song Name: Why Can't we all Just get along

Songwriter: The Attention Whores

Copyright: 2015

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Their God is bad
Yours is good
Your God lives out in Hollywood
Their God is wrong and Yours is right
Their God is black and yours is white

Your God wants you to save a few
Their God wants them to kill some Jews
Your God hates the homo man
Their God wants them to kill some Christians

My God is straight, my God is queer
He eats meat and he drinks beer
Your God is rage, he shakes his fist
My God is simple, he don't exist

Their God is peace but loves to kill
Your God is love but war's a thrill
You believe 'In God We Trust'
They believe 'For God They Must'
Why can't we all just get along
C'mon and help me sing this song
Grab a stranger, start makin' love
Pretend there ain't no God above