Song Name: on the avenue blues

Songwriter: marc tilson

Copyright: 2006

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when i`m feeling low down on the avenue, I`m the loneliest lion here in this city zoo.
I can roar my imperial roar, but for who?
Can`t escape the avenue blues.
When I`m feeling on display on the avenue.I`m the star attraction here, in this city zoo.It`s a front a superficial stunt, without you,
Can`t escape these avenue blues.
Everyday she`s away another shadows cast
I walk along in the fog that`s driften past. Driften like me ya see, so aim-it`s a shamelessly
with no direction, no connection, in need of affection.
Now I`m feeling almost gone on the avenue
slowly going grazy here in this city zoo
I pace and rage an invisible cage, it`s no use
Can`t escape these avenue blues