Song Name: Cloak

Songwriter: Savanna Carlton

Copyright: 2016

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I'm breaking, breaking, and there is no way out, besides soothing the fear and doubt. Inside my mind its like a prison, each and every word is trapped inside a cell. Released all at once, flooding, crowding, crying, wishing someone could take all of this away. Just take it away.

I can't hold back anymore I'm running out of time. And there's no way anyone could ever know what its like inside my mind.

I'm faking faking every smile thats shown, and every laugh is just a cry unknown. Inside my mind its like a hurricane, the chaos that unfolds is more that it can bear. Released all at once, crying, calling, falling apart.

I can't wait for any longer, I've got to let go. All this pain inside my heart is taking control, and I've got to let go.