Song Name: "The Strength To Carry On"

Songwriter: T. Edwin Doss

Copyright: 2005

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The Strength To Carry On

T. Edwin Doss 2403513024

Drove down to the store for a pack of cigarettes

Saw her standin' there pumpin' gas

She looked the same, but the kids were older

Oooh, when you're havin' fun, life moves fast

I said, "Hello", she said, "How you doin'?"

Nothin' else to say, right then, but, "I'm ok"

She looked into my eyes that very moment

Right through my heart filled with words I couldn't say

And the sun still rises over Lake Anna

The moon melts silver through the trees

Sometimes when I hear her favorite songbird

I breakdown, fall right to my knees

Oh, I have friends who follow me through my misery

With "Jim", "George" and "Jack", I'm never alone

But, if it weren't for Sunday mornin's, The Good Hope Baptist Church

And Jesus, I'd never find the strength to carry on.

Talked briefly with the kids before she drove away
But they really didn't know much about me
She drove all night to visit her Mom down in Thornburg
Had to get back to her life in Tennessee
Oh, I saw her look at me through the rear view mirror
I know she had to stop right over the hill
Crying her eyes out like I do, always knowin'
There's a painful love between us we can't kill.