Song Name: Pearls

Songwriter: Aljona Schnitzer

Copyright: 2016

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She tells me to gather the pearls
While I can barely string together words
Take them, she says. They will suit you
The spaces between, they will suit you

She wants me to hide in plain sight
To come out of darkness and meld with the light
Don't be shy now, come and get them
The ones that you fear, you will like them

She makes me change my old dress
Get rid of that nasty wild mess
Don't be scared now, don't be wary
Pearls are prettier than cloth is anyway

Come on, she says, scratch your itch
Come now, she taunts, test your reach
Swallow the pearls, make a fortune
The world is an oyster, make a fortune

Choking on words
Covered with scratches
You will find me between spaces
Come and find me between spaces