Song Name: restless mind

Songwriter: Jet Jones

Copyright: 2004

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Things I see keep on ever moving,
from the window of this train.
I caught the last ride out of gyland,
bound for Oslo got to catch a plane.

I don't know for what I'm searching,
I don't know the reasons as to why.
Stay to long and I just grow restless,
I've got to keep moving all the time.

Cause there are roads and there are highways, some I've walked and some I've yet to find.
All I know is I must keep on going,
trying to ease my restless mind.

I took the bus from Spearfish down to Denver,
drove my truck from Isa to Katherine.
And so long as I can keep those wheels on turning, I know everything is going to be just fine.

Cause there are skys and there are oceans,
that I must sail that I must fly.
Was born to chase the winds forever,
trying to ease my restless mind.

Trying to ease my restless mind.