Song Name: Acid Rain (Sustainocene)

Songwriter: Mark Walmsley and Tom Faunce

Copyright: 2016

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Acid Rain M Walmsley and T Faunce

We first kissed in acid rain
Loved through debt and mercury pain.
"Marry me" sprayed on a storm water drain
So you'd see it from a coal train.

Cleaned corroded gates, fixed alarms
Dumped toxic waste near factory farms
Guarded wealth meant to trickle down
But billionaires willed it out of town.
Still you sang to me:

It's our fragile blue place in infinite space
Tiny green lives, split water stored sun
Joyful in tribulation.

Lockheed Martin, Halliburton
Monsanto, Dow and Chevron
Collapsed like us; all their wars gone.
Then a wall opened of inner sight
A glow worm hole to lost love's light

Saw sun, wind, wave, pumped hydro
Powering our safe tomorrow.
Saw Gaza Strip, Occupied Wall Street
Flowering with liquid democratic tweets.
So we sang, you and me:

It's our blue place in infinite space
Blue-green algae split water, stored sun
Electric their assignations.
Biosphere 1 split water, stored sun
Joyful in meditation.
It's our one blue place in eternal space
Tiny green lives, split water stored sun
Electric in tribulation.