Song Name: Dirty Imbecile

Songwriter: Calvin Langman

Copyright: 2016

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Verse (Voice 1):
If I'm so smart and I'm so pretty,
Damn this town and damn this city.
You never give me anything that I want.

No one seems to really care.
They're just wholly unaware
Of all the blood and sweat I cry before dawn.

Bridge (Voice 2):
But you won't understand
All the things that I am
Cause' I'm crazy in just too many ways.

But I get that little feel
When my heart starts beating; lungs stop breathing;
All my fibers say to run away.

Chorus (Voice 1):
Count my little scars, I've got dozens down inside
I am complete and invincible, behind my dirty imbecile.
All the things I've tried, boy: be cute, be dumb, be wise, be young.
So don't tell me what to fear in the darkness in this atmosphere.

Verse (Voice 1):
Love my mum and love my daddy
Sure they messed me up but that is
Voices that they left inside of my head.

Darling, dearest, don't you see
I'm tough, I'm smart, I'm bourgeois?
And I'll play out this lie until we're all dead.

Bridge (Voice 2):

Chorus (Voice 1):

Counter-chorus (Voice 2):
Am I good? Is all I could
Enough for you?

I'm so scared
Of when and where
I'll find the truth.

Chorus (Voice 1) + Counter-chorus (Voice 2) x3