Song Name: Super Cali (Shelectronic)

Songwriter: Joel Broersma, Daniel DuPuis

Copyright: 2016

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Super Cali

This time I'll never compare
Already there
Already care
You're my winner
Chicken dinner, winner, new beginner
I'm a sinner, she's a saint
I'd never quit her

On a sunny day be a princess
Time is moving so fast...feeling good
On a sunny day here we witness
Pink and sequins... its my weakness

I'm a sinner
She's super cali fragilistic
I can't quit her
She's the savior to my mischief
She's my winner
Only one in this existence
My winner

Take all points of despair
Already fair
Know I'll be there
You're my winner
Little dipper, shimmer
With the glam and the glitter
If she sins I'll still forgive her

On a sunny day...

I'm a sinner...

Super Cali fragile delicious
Pink in the ocean had me in stitches
Super Cali, always a princess
Open the curtains, all of your wishes

I'm a sinner...