Song Name: Let Love Rule

Songwriter: John Hamilton

Copyright: 2016

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Let Love Rule - Music and Lyrics by John Hamilton

Verse 1
When the world makes you feel that you can't keep it real and your life treats you like you're uncool
You can cry to your friends but the pain never ends and you want to discover a jewel
So you look all around for belief so profound that you feel like you've found a new school
There's a way i can say you can do it today if you break down and let love rule

Let love rule (it's so easy if you just let it flow now)
Let love rule (let the hate and hostility go now)
You're world will improve if you start to remove all distain that you have for the fools
Give in to your heart and just start to let love rule

Verse 2
If you find you're confused by the way you feel used and the only response you've heard said
Is to follow the crowd and be quick to avow all the thoughts and the doctrines you're fed
There's a much better way than a social decay to respond to injustice that's cruel
Be a positive force and begin to endorse a solution and let love rule


Verse 3
If you yearn for a life that's devoid of all strife and you want to contribute a tool
Do some good in the world as your flag is unfurled and describes how you lead the new school
You will see the results in the kids and adults who will follow your unwritten rule
As we all look around for the much higher ground you have shown us and let love rule
Chorus (then fade)

Hamiltoons Publishing - 2016