Song Name: What Good Is A Bad Boy?

Songwriter: Lauren Anderson, Sean Michael Kelly and Tim Matthews

Copyright: 2016

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So you think his kiss is more than a crush
You think it’s your heart he’s wanting to touch

So he made you feel somethin’ special
Honey, better get in line
You got a plan to change his game
Hate to say it’s a waste of time

What good is a bad boy?
Ain’t bad just bad
What good is a bad (bad) boy
Will you be happy to be so sad
With the one you’re gonna wish you never had?

So you think you’re different than everyone else
I think we keep deceiving ourselves

We all know a bad reputation
Is like a welcome sign
Why do we make it so easy for him
Why are we all so blind?


Doesn’t bad ever just mean bad?
All the trouble all the good girls have

(Chorus x2)