Song Name: It Rains in California

Songwriter: Katherine Cabula

Copyright: 2017

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It Rains in CA (lyrics)
VI: When I think about LA Times, my mind comes into a fix.
When I think about you and I, my heavy heart never misses.
So what the hell am I living for? What's the best I can do?
Tell us what we're searching for in this endless rendezvous.

I'm tired, uninspired, and dried to the bone (2x)
It rains in California but I don't feel a thing.

V2: Guess only fools would understand where I'm coming from.
You give your heart, your soul, your dreams and society says you're done.
We played by the rules; we went to school then cracked the code to this poor Game. (Leavin' us) Feeling bound to the empty things that won't ever remain.

I'm tired, uninspired, and dried to the bone
I'm so tired, uninspired…
(Los Angeles, would you sing it for me?)


Bridge: Woe, woe to all originality. Woe, woe to the fire in you and me.
Wherever it rains, there'll be spring again.
If we carry on, we'll thrive, my countrymen.
It rains but we're still here…
It rains-we'll protest without fear…
From dusk to dawn
To the borders of the land I love.
This is our song. So bring it on…

Last Chorus Repeat