Song Name: Dancing With You

Songwriter: Brian Elkington

Copyright: 2017

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Dancing With You

© Brian Elkington

I hate dancing, everybody knows
I feel a fool in those dancing clothes
Don’t matter how many do-si-dos I do

But I remember that fateful night
When all my friends marvelled at the sight
Like Bojangles in that evening light
I was dancing, I was dancing with you

So we got married
With all that brings
Children’s laughter and harder things
And through it all there’s a love that rings so true

Time will burn like a thousand suns
And with every heartache a blessing comes
Don’t that make us the lucky ones
I don’t love dancing, but I love dancing with you

Imagine me
Stepping ‘cross the floor ungracefully
Knowing you’ll be reaching out for me

I hate dancing
I’ve said for years
You live and learn and you dry your tears
You hold each moment ‘til it disappears from view

And if we make it to 103
Well, darling we’ll be a sight to see
Won’t be fancy, won’t be wild and free
But I’ll be dancing, I’ll be dancing with you