Song Name: Stay with me

Songwriter: Heewon

Copyright: 2017

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There's a shimmering light through the window,
Glittering trees in every streets.

Everything is shine, full of love
and sharing every warmth.

When I'm with you,
this winter would be a fairy tail.

When you're with me,
this bitter cold will fade away.

If you still awake in the middle of night
will you wait? will you wait?

I'll be there in a minute for you
will you stay? stay with me?

At the upcoming Christmas Day,
The wish I'll make upon a star.

If you're not there, it's a useless words.
so will you stay? stay with me

When I close my eyes
There's always you
My head is full of you

If you love me too
So let me hold your hand
for evermore.

Don't you worry
I'll be always there for you
when you're alone.

So if you love me too
Just let me be your side
For evermore, evermore.