Song Name: Dark Spot

Songwriter: Kimberly Reyes

Copyright: 2017-08-31

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Sitting in a dark spot
He left me I forgot the pain (I forgot the pain)
Used to be all over me
Now I don't get anything (Don't get anything)

Oh oh oh

Just a little lonely
Wish he would hold me tonight (Hold me here tonight)
But I'm so much better
If I don't remember the night (Don't remember)

Oh oh oh

Hold me here tonight
Hold me, hold me here tonight

I've been starting over
Since we've been over a while, for a while
Can't say that I miss him
I only miss calling him "mine", all mine

I don't care where I go
If you're there, I'll go
But you aren't
Cause you can't
So you won't

Oh oh oh