Song Name: Rise to Divinity

Songwriter: Darryl K Williams Jr

Copyright: 2016

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Verse 1:
You ain't never been apart of or witnessed/
A kid this, sick and dark, it's as if his/
Ribs were sticking, through the side of an infant/
In Africa asking ya, daily for ten cents/

Sicker than a sneezing priest driving a prius, using/
Your son as a garage for shade, but he will/
Park in son, every day and beat it and then/
Start shaking his head like he don't believe it/

I'm really not the one to be targeted/
No argument has been started to solve me yet/
With a flow like mine, I'm so before my time/
Ya'll niggas dont even know that I'm problem yet/

So I'ma travel to the past on some villainy shit/
So ya'll niggas can't ever say that you feeling me shit/
Find, Biggie and Pac on the day they got shot/
Bring them niggas back to life and then kill them again/


Verse 2:
It's finna get thick in this bitch/
She bout to get hips in this bitch/
She so bad, she needa get whipped in this bitch/
Somebody get a switch in this bitch, oh yeah/

Ever time I hit a lick in this bitch/
Everybody wanna speak in tongues/
But the way that she reverse cowgirl/
I'm the only one, that can keep her com-ing/

It ain't even about the the paper/
My face is on it, don't count cash count the savior/
You mad cause I found a way out the majors/
And ya'll niggas a bunch of zeros, operators/

So I tell them all enjoy that ride/
Cause when you twist that key and turn that knob/
You unleash the beast they wrote stories about/
That made Jesus hop off the cross and say "Oh my God"/

It's finna get thick in here, it's finna get thick, you know why (repeated 4x)


Verse 3:
I ain't really got rhyme or reason/

For teasing, but, being mighty I agree that/

I need at least some appeasment/

To keep entertained at the level I've reached and/

Ya'll reaching in vain, ya'll reach/
Can't obtain, yay yeah/
Yo hand gone get slapped, you might/
Get it back, maybe/

Your biggest fear is losing your/
Hand and getting my hand, back/
Then you gone find out how many/
Back hands, you can, catch/

Your legs are sturdy, your back is/
Strong, and I commend that/
But I don't see you niggas unless you
Bow, understand that/


Verse 4:
I don't need a booth for this/
What I need is a fireproof suit for this/
So hot, you could probably hookah this/
I'm number one, I tell number 2 who's the shit/

Life, is a, bitch, but her/
Pussy is ehn, so/
I, think I, rather, be/
Fucking, her, friend, yep/

I'ma fuck with death to the death of me/
Aye yo Dre, if you need help with Detox/
What we got, in these pots, mmh/
It's the motherfucking recipe/

I've been to hell, now I'm back in this bitch/
My back is the bridge, and ain't nothing cracking this bitch/
I love that bridge, it could carry the world/
So I'ma bring that bitch back like a baby girl
Oh laudy, oh laudy, oh laudy, they say he coming
If you want the power more power to you/ Nigga hell yeah, hallelujah/

He's coming back, you better be, aware when he, arrives/