Song Name: Sending Flowers and Strawberries

Songwriter: Ann Mayo Muir

Copyright: ©2017

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Sending flowers and strawberries
Golden harps from the wood fairies,
Snow white doves that coo
Makes me think of you.

Sending baskets made from hair
Spun to gold by ladies fair,
All to hold my Love and Care,
With smiles all brand new,
Smiles just for you.

Sending music from a far
Above the skies beyond a star
To sing my heart song where you are
With Love that’s deep and true

Sending poems and songs to sing,
Wishing bells for us to ring,
Gentle days where breezes bring
The sounds of laughter too,
Reminding me of you
verse 3: I corrected my recording here changing "meanings" to LOVE THAT'S
Verse 4: same... Changed LOVE to POEMS