Song Name: Middleclass

Songwriter: Monique Barry

Copyright: 2007

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Written by: Monique Barry

No one sees the world like that
How strongly you protest
But all who spring off seem to see
And they are quite the mess
All is private, nothing leaves
As you walk out that door
You're so naive, you don't believe
You're sending yours to war

Then home they come
If home they come
You're truly beaten down
The promises they made to you
Are butt out in the ground

Now you cry and deeply sigh
As you're sailing in your ship
Sharks fill all your waters
It's too cold to swim in it
All is well if you can see
The lives that you have made
See past the wall of worry
That your fear so readily laid

They walk away with a sly grin
As they fumble through the wake
And through the lines
They laugh and cry
As peace and love they make