Song Name: A Little More

Songwriter: Stephanie Pauline

Copyright: 2008

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Is if five, six or seven
I'm losing track of the years
And no we'e not quite the kids we were
So sure and cavalier
I can feel it in your kiss hello
And in the press of hugs goodbye
Loike a certain something deeper
There behind your eyes

We're a little more humble
A little more real
A little more broken
And a little more healed
A little more like
What we first dreamed of
There's a little more faith
And a lot more love

There have been nights of anger
Too many now to count
Followed by hours of passion
God's grace alone accounts
We've fought hard to find your tears
And I too have cried my part
But what we lack in perfect
We more than make up in heart

Trembling hands held open
Tears on a face upturned
There's no taking the war out of warrior
Nor the pain of what was learned
Trembling hands held open
Tears on an upturned face
There's no taking the war out or warrior
But here's to giving a safe be...
A little more