Song Name: It Happened

Songwriter: Stephanie Pauline

Copyright: 2008

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In a darkened shadow box she places a picture
Of a groom and his bride on their wedding day
Thoughtfully garnishing w/ honeymoon stubs and currency
Ring boxes and ribbons in the usual way
She seals it with care and centers on the wall
Then with joy just a little ways above
She hangs the verse with satisfaction
That says the greatest of these is love

It happened
I was there
though the world doesn't care
It happened to me
It happened
while the rest were asleep
hose dreams that I keep
Came to be
It happened to me

There in the countryside stands an old farmhouse
With a rusted swingset to the west
I see broken out wndows the paint is cracked and faded
But the carpentry bares the markof grandpa's best
Here in the nursery by the homemade bassonet
I can hear the echos of grandma's tender ways
And out by the barn on the weathered combine
If I listen I can almost hear Him say

200 years from now that shadow box will be dust
And mine will be some name in a family tree
Oh but all that has been is wrapped up in the now
There's one thing time can't take from me