Song Name: I Am Me

Songwriter: Dean Nelson

Copyright: 2007

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1st Verse
Seems as though my hectic life's a fleeting book of dreams.
Wanting more, but having less is only what it seems.
Challenges in life put me to the test.
I falter at times, but I still do my best.
I am free to be me.
I'll make my life what I want it to be.
With all my will and all my might,
I'll do my best to do what’s right.
I am free to be me.
I am free to be me.
I am me.
2nd Verse
Busy life, paying bills, work and family.
On the go, chasing time with every ounce of me.
There’s more time for work and less time for play.
I need more hours just for me, every day.
Repeat Chorus

I can see what my life is meant to be.
I am me and I’m the one who can set myself free,
Set myself free.
Repeat Chorus

© Dean Nelson 2007 All rights reserved.