Song Name: C'Mon Inside!

Songwriter: Bruce Allen Jones

Copyright: 2008

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C'mon inside! Get your ass in here!
C'mon in the kitchen - it's the party of the year -
C'mon inside - man, it's been too long -
C'mon in the kitchen - there's a party goin' on!

There's beer in the keg - chicken on the grill -
There's whiskey in the jar - c'mon, you can drink your fill!
We're gonna break out the guitars, gonna play a few tunes -
Playin' "Street Fightin' Man" by the light of the moon -

We're way out in the country - ain't nobody gonna care -
We can whoop and we can holler - cain't nobody hear -

We're gonna fire up the fiddle - gonna resin up the bow -
Gonna break out the guitars and frail the old banjo -

Billy - he's out of prison now, and Ginny just got back from Iraq -
But I wouldn't bring it up ... neither one of 'em really wants to talk -

Hey, let's do some pickin'! Let's play some songs!
We'll play "Me and Bobby McGee", we'll play it all night long -
We'll play the ballad ... "The Ballad of Hollis Brown" -
And "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" -

C'mon inside, we're gonna have some fun -
We'll be rip-roaring drunk when the morning comes -
C'mon inside, we're gonna have some fun -
We'll be passed out drunk in the rising sun ...